Due to end-of-school rush and a poorly timed illness, we are extremely backlogged with trade-ins. it may take 4-6 weeks until we are able to catch up. if you need to leave your books with us, you can help by packaging them in dry, sturdy, stackable boxes and weeding out anything musty or falling apart - those go to straight recycling anyway. thanks! 

We are always interested in buying academic collections!  Please call 203-787-6147 or email us for more info.


Have Media to sell?

We accept books, cd’s or dvd’s at any time.  The buyer, Dave, is usually at the store on weekday afternoons, but if he is unavailable, you can leave your books at this counter in a bag or box marked with your name & phone# (or address to mail a check to).  You will receive a call within a few days, and can pick up your cash or credit any time after that.  Any books that are left which we cannot use will be donated to the New Haven Reads book bank, and no compensation will be given.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOOKS IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH US DONATING THE ONES WE CAN’T USE!  If you would like to get a price quote or would like to keep the books which we don’t want, please call ahead or email us to make an appointment with Dave.

What We Like: Academic works (philosophy, history, religion, etc); art, architecture & photography; drama & literary (vs. popular) fiction; current edition textbooks (highlighting/notes ok!); jazz & classical cd’s, and dvd’s in very good condition.

Generally speaking, we don't accept romance novels, hardcover mysteries (unless newly published), encyclopedias, or condensed books.  Books may also be declined due to overstock, condition, or market conditions.


Our inventory

With over 16,000 titles in stock, our bookstore specializes in academic, art, architecture, & photography books. Unlike other used bookstores, you won't find any musty tomes with broken bindings here. We cull the best copies of the best books to offer our customers, and price them conservatively.

Our selection is ever-changing!  We'll be happy to check our shelves if you call looking for a particular book. 

Search our online storefronts:  Amazon, ABE, Alibris

If you find something you'd like please call ahead; most of our online inventory is stored off-site.